025 gold content what does it mean

I have this vintage watch that looks like Rose Gold and is marked on the inside of the band Kreisler Gold Content with a patent number. Any. I also own a Kreisler band marked gold content with Patent # U.S. PAT. 2,, which dates that to I believe that is the same gold content as 1/ The band in made by Kreisler and is gold plated or filled mesh and states that it has a gold cont of What does this mean? Dave Fasciano.

, does that mean its real? "The ring is real gold even though there`s any marker on it " Gold content "All real gold will have a karat marking or " . 97 (like the ring in the photo) means that the Diamond is 97 points, or just like 14k (which is the Gold content like the ring in the photo), 18k or. The letter P behind a karat stamp means it's plumb gold, a designation once used to mean that 14K gold was actually parts gold, not parts. It doesn't.

It reads Gold Cont and a patent number. Kreisler Quality don't know about the markings but was going to tell you that it is an old watch. What does a ring with PLA hallmark on it mean The ring looks gold.? I believe it There is no hallmark for Gemstones, only for the gold or silver content. The is most likely actually This is the carat of the diamond on the ring, The stamp on the inside of the rings tells you if its 10,14, or 16karat gold or will.