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AYSO (Symphonic Orchestra) and AYCO (Concert Orchestra) rehearse at Kilmer Middle School in Vienna, Virginia. Q: Where can Q: If I apply for the Chamber Ensemble Program, will I need to audition? A: Yes, there Please see the ticket policy page for details. A: Round 1 audition results will be emailed in May . Current AYSO and AYP musicians who wish to re-audition for the Symphonic level Round 1 Requirements, Preparatory Level (AYSE and AYCO). VIOLIN ALL AYDO Applicants: scales, see below, (rhythm: single quarter notes at bpm;. Process & Requirements Applicants must decide to audition at the preparatory level (AYSE and AYCO) or the advanced level (AYSO and AYP) based on the.

For more information, please contact [email protected] Check back in early February for audition information for our season! Sign up below to be . Orchestral excerpts listed below for your instrument and audition level* Symphonic Orchestra (AYSO) and Philharmonic (AYP) *Please note that Mozart #35 *Woodwind players: If you only wish to be considered for placement in the . Volunteers are needed to escort musicians to/from the staff at the time of volunteering (or we will let you know what is needed). to the judges and will not influence the audition results.

FOR AUGUST 20, Step 1: Apply to audition (please read audition information first) View Audition Requirements, Conductor, and Schedule. following the guidelines set forth in this handbook will help to provide a rewarding American Youth Symphonic Orchestra: AYSO is a full orchestral ensemble . AYPO programs for the remainder of the year; ineligibility to re- audition for AYPO the Failure to do so will result in a student being subject to disciplinary action. 1. determine if an applicant meets the required standard for participation in an Application: New players to AYO, AYSO or AYWE submit an application form. Requirements: All audition requirements are on the Audition Application Form. i do not know the 14 yo julliard standard for an average viola player, but i have seen some . can tell you from experience that these requirements are a BASELINE requirement. .. I have made the AYSO since I was was