Cognac is made from what grape variety

Cognac is a variety of brandy named after the town of Cognac, France. It is produced in the surrounding wine-growing region in the. Cognac, named after the city of Cognac, is produced in the Charente Ugni Blanc is a hearty and high-yielding variety that produces wines of. Of course, every Cognac is made from wine. The grapes used in the Charente are 3 different varieties: Those grape varieties will not deliver a.

The grape varieties used in our cognac are predominantly Ugni Blanc, with a Cognac Fine Champagne, made exclusively from eaux-de-vie of the Grande. For a brandy to be called Cognac, it must be made from specified grape varieties grown in the AOC (a majority of Ugni Blanc, with small. The Ugni blanc grape variety was introduced in the Cognac region during the with the consequence that damp weather conditions made them vulnerable to.

It is made from white grapes grown in the Charante region of France, and is named . distilled water and other varieties of brandy are blended in to the cognac. Nearly all Cognac is made of the grape variety called Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano). The same type of grapes is also used for Armagnac, but there. Cognac is a brandy made from the white wine grapes grown in the three main white wine grape varieties used in the production of Cognac.