How do i add a twitter background

Wondering where Twitter's background image setting went? Another simple way you can add a little customizable magic to your profile is by. You can customize your profile by selecting unique profile and header images, adding a name, bio, location, birth date, website and theme color, and by pinning . You can change the background of your Twitter profile page from the default blue to another color. You can even upload an image of your choice (or do both!).

To add a background image to your Twitter account, follow these directions: Find a Twitter background from our site or somewhere else online and right click on. Some of you might ask: is creating a custom Twitter background Contact info: It's an easy way to add additional information you can plug into. Use your Twitter background to engage your Twitter followers and brand Consultants and businesses may want to put their phone number.

How to Change Your Background on Twitter. This wikiHow teaches you how to change the Twitter background color from light to dark using Night Mode as well. Recently, many Twitter users logged into their accounts to discover that their background images have been changed to a default light setting. Looking for a Twitter background to add some personality to your Twitter page? See how to make a Twitter background here to get started.