How do i cite the cia factbook

The World Factbook is prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency for the use of US Citation model: Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, Question. how do you cite the CIA world factbook in APA style in text The format for in text citations is based on how the source is cited in the. These are the sources and citations used to research publications/resources/the-world-factbook/geos/

Citation Styles for "The world factbook." Assessment Center (U.S.), & United States. (). The world factbook. Washington, D.C: Central Intelligence Agency . If you use the CIA World Factbook as a source of information for your paper, you must include it in the reference list at the end of your paper. ACC & /BFN Accounting and Finance: Citing Sources in APA Retrieved from

If used from website: Central Intelligence Agency. (). The World Factbook: Iraq. Updated March 7, , Retrieved March 20, , from. The World Factbook, also known as the CIA World Factbook, is a reference resource produced by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with almanac-style.