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Before America even joined the war, organizations such as the American Red Cross and the American Fund for the French Wounded had. The American Red Cross has always been at the vanguard of the knitting movement for the U.S. Armed Forces. During World War II, knitting served as one of the. To fill this gap, the American Red Cross began a national knitting campaign. Red Cross branches distributed yarn, advertised the need for.

Soldier's non-regulation hand-knit sweater, bag and tag, likely provided by the American Red Cross. Not earlier than - Not later than World War I. Red Cross organized Wool Brigades which knitted more than The American Red Cross and the Comfort Committee had started their 'knit. Knitting communally helped make the work go faster as well as preventing the knitter from feeling isolated. American Red Cross Knitting Poster. On the other .

That the official American Red Cross uniform for men will hereafter be .. Dressings,” “Garments,” “Knitting,” “Reclamation,” etc. shall be woven in the band in. Most of this knitting was produced by volunteers working under the auspices of the American Red Cross. During the course of the war more. Just as the US Sanitary Commission coordinated knitting efforts during the Civil War, the American Red Cross coordinated knitting for the war.