How to link gamertag to origin account

Link your Xbox Live Gamertag, PlayStation™Network Online ID you've bought games through Origin; you've played an EA game online. Linking a gamertag to an Origin account lets you take advantage of many features specific to Electronic Arts (EA) games, such as importing a. My Microsoft Account login information (and/or gamertag) DOES NOT WORK. When I sign in to my default EA Origins account and try to add my Xbox Live.

So turns out my xbox is linked to the wrong EA account, and I need to the EA/ Origin account as the container and the console ID (Gamertag). You don't really link your Xbox account to your Origin/EA account. Rather you link your Xbox gamertag, which is only part of your Xbox account. My PSN ID is linked to an EA Account that i do not use. .com/en-in/help/account /linking-your-origin-account-with-your-psn-id-and-gamertag/.

For the best gaming experience, link your EA Account to your PlayStation™ Network online ID and Xbox Gamertag. To link your Ubisoft Account to a console platform, simply access Uplay an Xbox Gamertag and a PSN ID have both been linked to this Ubisoft Account while a. The Xbox /Xbox One and the PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita both use their own types of account for managing your games.