Pai how to get there

Explore options for getting from Chiang Mai to Pai in Thailand. Learn about driving there on a motorbike or taking public transportation. Pai is a small, hippie town with a relaxed vibe about 80km from Chiang Mai, and most tourists who visit Chiang Mai also go to Pai. There are only two ways to get . There is only one road through Pai: Route , along which you can either travel southeast to Chiang Mai or northwest to Soppong and Mae.

Getting from Chiang Mai to Pai is There is no shortage of options to take when traveling from Chiang Mai to Pai. Here are few of the best ways. There are multiple ways to get around this little mountain town. Whether you are more active, wanting to be as efficient as. Check that — I liked Pai, I just didn't love Pai. For years, travelers have told me how much they loved Pai. “It's aaaaa-mazing! It's so much fun. There's healthy.

10 tips for those looking to travel To Pai, Thailand that will help make your experience getting there, and visiting Pai, even better!. There has been a large increase in Thai people visiting after Pai was featured in a romantic Thai film, Pai in Love. It can be hard to find a room during the busy. There are many options for traveling from Chiang Mai to Pai: airplane, bus, motorbike, minivan. This post details those options and the pros and. The town has become a haven for neo hippies and white rastafarians who have created their 70's pastiche. Pai has little to do with Thailand. It's a backpacker's.