What eats the superb bird of paradise

Learn more about the Superb bird-of-paradise - with amazing Superb bird-of- paradise videos, photos and facts on Arkive. Animal Name: Superb Bird of Paradise; Classification: Aves; What Do They Eat: Mainly fruits and berries; also seeds, insects, frogs, lizards; Where Do They Live: . The male superb bird of paradise has iridescent blue breast feathers that stick Most birds of paradise eat insects; they have been observed tearing apart dead.

The Superb Bird Of Paradise has a very small variety of which it eats, usually only eating Fruit and small Arthropods. The Adult Male has an. Lophorina or superb bird-of-paradise is a genus of birds in the family Paradisaeidae. The genus contains three species: Greater lophorina, Lophorina superba. The greater lophorina or greater superb bird-of-paradise (Lophorina superba) is a species of The greater lophorina has not only been known to eat fruits and insects, but also have been spotted preying on larger animals such as frogs.

There are 39 species of birds of paradise (cendarawasih). bills than the male are more common, particularly in the insect eating species. on berries and the superb bird-of-paradise and raggiana bird-of-paradise take mostly capsular fruit. Learn about the dozens of species called birds of paradise. A superb bird of paradise (Lophorina superba) photographed at Houston Zoo in Texas Photograph. Birds of Paradise. Etymology. Lophorina (Greek, crested nose, referring to feathers at base of upper bill); superba (Latin, superb). Superb Bird-of-Paradise. Lophorina superba Eats plants and animals. Feeds on fruit and invertebrates in the tree canopy. Eats fruit.