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Season 2 | Episode 7 Billie Piper and David Tennant in Doctor Who () Billie Piper in Doctor Who () "The Idiot's Lantern" might have been a fairly boring episode otherwise, disregarding the witty dialogue, the script wasn't exactly perfect. Explore popular comedy titles available to stream with Prime Video. The Idiot's Lantern was the seventh episode of series 2 of Doctor Who. told her TVs were so rare everyone went into a single house to watch the coronation. A face-stealing alien is rampant in Britain at the time of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. The Doctor and Rose investigate! 11 months left to watch. 45 minutes .

What seems like an innocent TV announcer, turns out to be nothing of the sort. Unassuming Rose gets her face sucked off. (Season 2, Episode 7). The Doctor's attempts to take Rose to see Elvis Presley perform in New York go wrong, as the Tardis lands in London instead - the time of the Queen's. About. Broadcast: 27 May ; Viewers: m; Availability: DVD Series 2: Volume 3 Have to watch out for that!” Bishop: “Start with everything 'The Idiots Lantern' was a British slang term for the 'television' during the s and s.