How to get girlfriend pregnant

If you and your partner want to get pregnant, you might be wondering what you can If your girlfriend would like to become pregnant, tell her to talk to her doctor . Are some sex positions better than others for conceiving? Are there any sex positions that can help us conceive a boy or girl? You may have heard that some positions, such as having the man on top (missionary position), are better than others for getting pregnant. Maybe you're trying to conceive asap. Or you're hoping to have a baby at a certain time of year. Here are five ways to boost your chances of getting pregnant .

Ready to conceive now? You'll want to put some planning behind your baby- making. Follow these tips on ways to get pregnant fast. 4 days ago Now you've planning to get pregnant but not able to conceive? Here's a detailed guide on pregnancy that covers all most everything you need. By posting you agree that you have read the Community Rules & . But you don't want to get your girlfriend pregnant, you just want to cum.

There could be many reasons behind this - 1. Though luck 2. She is using some oral contraceptives 3. She have some in utero contraceptive device (like copper. The question: My wife and I are trying to get pregnant and she's told me that I should avoid alcohol, quit smoking and wear looser boxers. Trying to conceive? Here's everything you need to know about how to get pregnant quickly, plus our top tips on trying for a baby.