How to insert credits in imovie 11

Use individual title cards to make specific credits. Do this to place a picture of the actor next to the credit. Lame to the max, replying to myself, but I solved it by blowing it all away, then just putting the title card at the end, with no clip under it. NOW it. iMovie 11, Adding Text for titles, intertitles, and credits. Keep it simple. The idea is to add information, not distract from the documentary narrative. Open the Titles.

This iMovie tutorial will tell you how to add subtitles to videos in iMovie Adding stylish opener, text, titles, subtitles, and scrolling credit to your. You can do this with the Scrolling Credits title effect in iMovie. work, you can make the credits look even better by moving them over and adding images that appear to the left as the credits scroll by. 4/10/14 @ pm. Updated November 11, Adding titles to your movies in iMovie 10 adds a touch of professionalism. Before you start using the titles in iMovie, you'll need to .

I have iMovie on my iPhone 5S so my question is specifically for iMovie on iOS. I am trying to put together a video and want to add a text object. This Tutorial Explains How to Customize Credits in iMovie 11 Go to my website for more content: iMovie '09 includes a traditional set of titles and movie credits that are in some ways But when it comes to movie making, it's all about motion.