Practice english what you want to eat

Learn how to use 'would like' in a restaurant to order food with this exercise for beginning level English learners. One of the most important tasks in English is ordering food at a restaurant. Would you like something to eat?. This dialogue provides most the basic questions you'll need to know when going Next, practice eating with friends at a restaurant with these. Going out to a restaurant is a great way to practice speaking English. You can use these "To order" means to tell the server what meal you want to eat. Yes.

Then you need to learn how to place your orders with confidence! Even after all your conversational English practice, ordering something to eat can still be a. It is on the exercise page, number 2, where you must select a word from the word bank to fill in the gaps, but the . After eating those I want to dessert Ice Cream. English food? What do you usually eat for lunch? What do you usually like to drink when you go out? What food can you cook the best? What food do you hate ?.

Learn how to order food and drink and pay for meals, with example sentences and clear explanations of how to use them. (say what you would like to eat)". Our other sites ยท Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test # What does she eat? Double-click on words you don't understand.