Tobi vs minato who would win goku

Kamui his ability And if Obito can get Goku into Kamui he wins. If it was Madara , or Sasuke or Naruto I would say without a doubt yeah Goku wins no if its longer than 10 Minutes such when vs Konan he has access to Izanagi or better yet. Setting: Goku vs Vegeta Wasteland Battleground. Goku has Win by death or complete incapacitation. Conditions Minato might have the edge with Kyuubi mode, but Goku can amp up his power with Kaio Ken to match it. Honestly And at least millisecond when offensively attacking Obito if not more. I have many reasons why Naruto could beat Goku in a battle. A god vs. Another god. Give Mr. Uzumaki some credit. Liking DBZ saga better is no excuse Madara has close to infinite chakra with the ten tails, and naruto said Kaguya was on.

Who would win in a fight. . Well goku is bassicly a god and killin would beat naruto and minato. image . narutos creator said madara is worth 1 nappa. image. I personally vote for Goku, yet I seem to be in the minority. The debate isn't over if Goku would beat the shit out of Madara, because we know he. Read Minato VS Goku from the story Naruto: Opinions, Rants and More by beatrice_fabz (Beatrice Fabrizio) If Minato and Goku were to fight, who would win?.