What do omnivore mean

Omnivore comes from the Latin words omni, meaning "all, everything," and vorare, meaning "to devour." So an omnivore will eat pretty much eat anything in sight. omnivore definition: 1. an animal that is naturally able to eat both plants and such as the redfoot tortoise, are omnivores, which means they eat everything!. An omnivore is a kind of animal that eats either other animals or plants. Some omnivores will hunt and eat their food, like carnivores, eating herbivores and other.

Omnivore is a consumption classification for animals that have the capability to obtain chemical What this means is that physical characteristics are often not reliable indicators of whether an animal has the ability to obtain energy and. Definition of omnivore.: one that is omnivorous Bears and coyotes are omnivores . The Classic Omnivore More Example Sentences Learn More about omnivore. Top definition "This whole war between vegetarians and omnivores is stupid." Most humans are omnivores because they eat meat and fruits/vegetables. 2.

Definition of omnivore in the vicenteroura.com dictionary. Meaning of omnivore. What does Bears are omnivores, they can eat plants but they enjoy eating fish. Omnivore definition: an omnivorous person or animal | Meaning, pronunciation, Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Omnivorous definition, eating both animal and plant foods. See more. Can You Translate These Famous Phrases From Emoji? These Are the Longest . omnivore. [ŏm′nə-vôr′]. An organism that eats both plants and animals. Show More.