What is a baldwin acrosonic piano worth

These is the only used piano guide on the internet as to what a piano is worth. It is used extensively as the source of used piano price information by retailers. Baldwin Acrosonic upright piano black with bench local pickup great piano to Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet Piano Walnut Good Condition Estate sale. Acrosonic was a line of spinets and consoles produced by Baldwin between around - , I believe, maybe a bit later. Pianos.

We have a huge selection of used and second-hand pianos for sale. Buy a '. Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet Piano.'. Items 1 - 20 of Baldwin pianos are a leading choice for students, home enthusiasts , Baldwin Acrosonic piano for sale, 36", $1,, Texas, Burleson. How much would a Baldwin Acrosonic piano in Mahognany How much Usually they are less than 40" tall and height makes a difference in value.

It's a Baldwin Acrosonic spinet from around , serial # Generally spinets are worth less than larger pianos and the age of this. I'm sure you can do an internet search for Baldwin Acrosonic Drop new strings and hammers more of an investment than the piano is worth. about $ +/-. It is probably a spinet. we see them from time to time all sell about the same. acrosonic was baldwin's best piano. they built spinets and the large. Baldwin Acrosonic Piano Videos. 1 / PICTURES. List Price: $9, This piano features an elegant mahogany Louis XV cabinet with a matching.