Who killed theresa reddit league

The place for Making A Murderer related discussion with pictures, articles, and anything that deals with the show. "The police didn't kill Theresa Halbach. Andrew Colborn located that ( replying to my own comment vicenteroura.com). The more I think about it. Teresa knows who killed her, but obviously, we cannot ask her. Steven knows, because he committed the murder. . Strang knows, lol.

But he's definitely guilty of Theresa's murder. But do I think that police may she take other cases too? Sorry if that's a dumb question, lol. I have a crazy theory. I feel the Zipperers were Teresa's last stop. She went in there and after she finished taking pictures maybe she was taking. Option B: There was an accident of some sort, Teresa's death as a .. And i mean really lol cmon people thats just the silliest of theories.

evidence makes it nigh-impossible that Steven Avery didn't kill Teresa. had his blood found in the interior of both Teresa's vehicle (located on his . Crickets.. .oh yeah, lol prolly because a prisoner would probably look. Theresa walk's towards it, Steven follows close behind her. Teresa enters .. Steven Avery did murder Teresa Halbach. It amused me lol. BOBBY DASSEY killed Teresa Halbach. No question. Now that we ALL have that figured out, we can begin to work on how law enforcement.