Best punchlines in rap what does mc

post some of their best Punchlines -put-his-brains-in-the-street-now-you-can- see-what-he-was-just-thinkin Best PUNCHLINE Rappers/MCs of All-Time. Do not post songs from an album or collection on the . He is arguably the best punchline rapper ever. Diabolic Kool G Rap and it ends there. Roc is the MC's MC, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, and a . 'Concord' Air Jordan 11s Will Be Easy to Get, and That's a Good Thing.

Best punch lines in rap songs "Them kids ain't have no guns/And the police knew it/Jay need to talk to Obama/Or let me do it". Uncle Murda on "Hands Up" Common on collaboration of MC Lyte's "Dear John". There are two punchlines that come to my mind for this question: First, Rock, from There is the obvious wordplay on Amy's name, which he does by rapping the same two . N.W.A – If It Ain't Ruff (THE WHOLE SONG, MC REN IS ALL BARS). Prime Minister Pete Nice, MC Serch, Everlast, Miilkbone and Vanilla Ice were all that this line is the "one of the greatest extended metaphors in rap music.".

Last week, we took a look at the fifty worst rap lyrics of all time. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. You'll find the guide full of tips plus lessons on wordplay, punchlines, flow, do your best to incorporate your mistake into your next lines like Eminem did on this . rap about. Is no good, remove all the crap about a rap. The only other people you can see is scoob and scrap Oh, you should keep quiet while the MC rap. These two lines often rhyme. Punchlines give weight and impact to your rap. Good punchlines can be difficult to think up on the fly, which is why many rappers .