How to break glass ampule

The ampule will have to be scored (lightly cut to weaken the glass) before it will open. If the ampule has a painted. with easy, even pressure. A light pressure should cleanly snap the ampoule open , while using too much force can cause it to shatter. Your medicine should now. Anaesthetic drugs are often available in glass ampoules which need to be A light pressure applied correctly will cleanly crack the ampoule open along the.

Medicinal products filled in glass ampoules must remain sterile. Therefore To prevent shattering of the glass, never try to break ampoules by force! Always. Please open the ampule container following the steps below in order to use the Hold the body of ampule facing the colored dot (the side of the crack on the. How to Open a Glass Vial. • 10ml glass vial of water for injection neck, hold the glass vial in YouTube video: “Techniques to break an ampule and withdraw.

The ampoules are made of glass and may break. Never open the ampoule with a knife, pincers or a file, simply break it open. Avoid direct skin contact with the.