How to draw a nautical star easy

How to Draw a Nautical Star. The nautical star originated as a sailor's symbol referencing celestial navigation and safe journeys home. It is a popular tattoo motif. I told you guys before that I was going to submit another tutorial on the nautical star. Now I know I wasn't live yesterday and that's because I w. Description: Lets start this first step by drawing out some simple lines that will help you draw the nautical star much better. First draw one long.

Stay with us at OneHowTo and learn how to draw a nautical star; you will need a It's actually pretty easy - you just need some practice!. Today we will show you a very simple way to make a 3-dimensional Star of David or 6-pointed star. This type of star is also called a nautical star. Draw a Nautical Star Ster Tattoo, Black Star Tattoo, Tattoo Stars, Navy Tattoos .. 40 Simple Star Tattoos For Men - Luminous Ink Design Ideas.