How to use whatsapp on blackberry

BlackBerry devices cannot officially run WhatsApp, but there is a workaround for phones running BlackBerry Here is how to download. If you're still clinging on to your BBpowered BlackBerry for dear life, then you might be displeased with the fact that WhatsApp is no longer. Almost all the users who are using WhatsApp Messenger on their BlackBerry OS 10 based devices are getting following notice.

As announced in our blog, WhatsApp will no longer be supported on BlackBerry 10 after December 31, Until then, we support any BlackBerry 10 device. In this guide I'll show you how to download WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 in just Sachesi allows you to get Snap (the software you downloaded. hi, bb10 users:) a month ago i bought a bb passport and when i some people could still use whatsapp on their bb10 devices in and.

You can always install android version of the WhatsApp on BB Passport and can run it smoothly without any problems. Here's the link on how to get Play store.