Where is the status bar excel

The quickest way to see the average, count, numerical count, minimum, maximum or sum of selected cells is by taking a look at the status bar. Look at the status bar at the bottom of your window to see the sum of these cells. Right click the status bar to add the average, count. To quickly see how numbers in selected cells add up, take a look at the status bar below your spreadsheet. The status bar at the bottom of Office programs displays status on options that are selected to appear on the status bar. Many options are selected by default.

Ever had your Excel status bar disappear unexpectedly? Here's some ideas on why this may be happening. (vicenteroura.com). 3 days ago The status bar, which runs horizontally along the bottom of the Excel screen, can be customized to display a number of options, most of which. Excel allows for up to 6 statistic options to be viewed on the status bar, namely; Average, Count, Numeric Count, Minimum, Maximum, and Sum.

In some case, you you may want to hide the status bar to display much more cells . In this article, I am going to tell you how to hide or display the. Using the Status Bar to Add Numbers. If you select several cells that contain numeric data and then look at the status bar, at the bottom of the.