How to boil potatoes in rice cooker

Use the steam basket that comes with your rice cooker to "hard boil" eggs. First, steam potatoes in your rice cooker until they are tender. Rice cookers are a convenient appliance both for those who cook rice regularly and those who seldom cook it. Those who cook rice every day appreciate the. Put potatoes in rice cooker's inner bowl, sprinkle with salt and add enough cool water to cover by 1- 2 inches. Cover and push Cook button. Use Steam Cooking .

Boil potatoes in pressure cooker with skin in just 2 whistles. 10 minute recipe and you only need enough water to get the potato completely. Some rice cookers even have a “slow cook” setting, which means you can on a bed of sauerkraut and potatoes ( minutes cooking time). Found this on the forum on rice cookers at You can use the steaming basket at the same time as cooking the potatoes and make.

Mix all the ingredients in the bowl of your rice cooker and set to cook. You can Rice cookers are also perfect for making mashed potatoes. (Author's note: Post updated January 9, with suggestions for rice cookers towards the bottom of the page.) Okay, raise your hand if you.