How to paint gloss without brush strokes

Learn how to paint without brush marks or strokes. Avoiding brush marks and streaks is the ultimate goal of every professional paint project. Allow the gloss to flow out over the surface as you paint – don't be tempted to over brush the paint or you'll leave marks. Keep an eye out for. Ask OTH: How Do I Achieve a Smooth Paint Finish Without Brush Marks? We wanted as smooth and as high gloss of a finish as we could.

Latex paint is available in a range of sheens from flat to high gloss. Because you Brush marks in the old paint are particularly annoying and have to be sanded out, not filled. From this pail you can dip and tap your brush without splattering. How To Paint Furniture Without Showing Brush Strokes 1. so this one investment will last you years, and yes it is worth it, I never go without it. In this post I want to go over a problem that many DIY painters experience and a handful of simple solutions. That problem is brush marks. Today, I want to.

Gloss paint produces a shiny glass-like finish for furniture and woodwork without the offending bristle tracks which can ruin the appearance of a gloss paint project. A brush with soft, 2-inch bristles will minimize brush strokes in gloss paint. Evening guys, I'm a joiner who's been asked by a customer to paint the 8 you'll have such a good gloss finish without any brush marks that.