How to use execute command minecraft jetpack

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. . ",Block:chain_command_block,Data:1,TileEntityData:{Command:/ execute {CustomName:"Jetpack",CustomNameVisible:1,Item:{id:elytra,Count:1 . jetpacks IN MINECRAFT! by jjtheherobrine minecraft avatar :{id:"FallingSand", Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:/execute. Use a iron chestplate and some coal to fly around the world, like on creative, but ,id:"FallingSand",Block:"command_block",Time:1},TileEntityData:{Command:"/ fill },TileEntityData:{Command:\"/execute @e[type=Item,score_jetpackitem=1 .

Today I Have A New Command For You: Jetpacks In One Command! ~1 chain_command_block 5 replace {auto:1,Command:"/execute @a ~ ~ ~ execute . And I'm sure I can always use this in long term survival instead of. You can do this using redstone (just a regular redstone clock). to use redstone, you can tell the command block to only execute the command. My idea is to use three scoreboards: One for testing if the player has a The testing for the armour is based on command block updating /execute @a[ score_jetpack_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /particle cloud ~ ~ ~ 0 0 0 1.

You could use the new particle command as well to make it look like smoke is coming from the jetpack. Something like /particle smoke @p.