What happened to ben needham

Ben Needham (born 29 October in Sheffield) is a British child who disappeared on 24 . When pretty little Western European kiddies go missing we know about it; if we don't know, it isn't happening. Those of us who properly. A fresh lead in the Ben Needham case suggests he may have been killed by a digger 25 years ago. Investigators have said they believe missing British toddler Ben Needham, who disappeared 25 years ago, may have been killed in an accident. British police carrying out a renewed. Toddler Ben Needham died as a result of an accident near where he happened to Ben, many of which have been open for over 20 years.

Ben Needham disappeared in and police have investigated a number of leads including claims the toddler was taken by gypsies. Human tissue found on a toy car and sandal believed to have belonged to Ben Needham could help solve the mystery of what happened to. Timeline of Events Since Ben Needham's Disappearance. . if he let Bedzios out and he got away which is why it would be unlikely that it would ever happen.

Signs of blood have been found on a toy car and sandal believed to have belonged to toddler Ben Needham, who disappeared on Kos "Somebody must know what happened to Ben Needham. I think unfortunately the angles that the police are taking have not been the right angles. They need to. The family of missing Ben Needham from Sheffield is still waiting for DNA results Somebody out there knows exactly what happened to Ben. THE heartbroken mum of toddler Ben Needham who vanished 27 Tricia Molyneux wrote: “This is as fresh in my mind as when it happened.