What is wrong with american sniper

The man who killed Chris Kyle, the subject of the Oscar-nominated film American Sniper, has been found guilty of murder and sentenced to life. I have to confess: I was suckered by the trailer for American Sniper. satire for the wrong reasons, in ways that may have actually exacerbated. American Sniper stirred controversy long before its film adaptation hit the silver screen. Chris Kyle, the now deceased former Navy SEAL from Texas, claimed in .

I saw American Sniper last night, and hated it slightly less than I until we invaded and bombed the wrong country and turned its moonscaped. Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb knew the real "American Sniper," Chris Kyle, and helped design the training course that Kyle took. When he. When Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL sniper instructor who helped train Chris Kyle, first watched "American Sniper," he was disappointed.

American Sniper, the Clint Eastwood movie about the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, is expected to make more than $ million in ten days, CNN. Is "American Sniper" a pro-military masterpiece or a dovish statement about the folly of war? What people get wrong about 'American Sniper'. Liberals have objected to Clint Eastwood's latest film as being war propaganda, but the real fault was turning a victim of American gun culture.