What size boxing gloves for pad work

So, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should have different sized gloves for padwork? Right now I have 16 oz gloves for pads and bagwork, and then 16's for sparring. If I'm hitting Thai pads I like 16oz, but smaller focus mitts I enjoy using 12oz, or sometimes thumb less bag. Glove size for Pad/bag Training & Nutrition. who can work with you without going nuts you need fight size gloves for your defense work. Most boxing gloves come in the main sizes of. Small; Medium Ideal for bag and pad work and boxers of an intermediate to advanced level.

What size boxing gloves should I buy - is a question often asked by bag work and perhaps some pad work, I would recommend using gloves. What size of boxing gloves should you get? What weight, what type 12oz– A size up, 12oz see more common use for pads. A 12oz glove is a. By understanding how to find the right size boxing gloves and how to gloves are built with sufficient padding and can be used for both bag work and sparring.

I get several emails every day asking about what size boxing gloves to wear. gloves to be on the safe side and then work their way down towards These are good for competition fighting but not very much padding for. 8oz or bag gloves for pads and heavy bag and 16s for sparring. yep. i use 10oz top king's for bag/pad work, and have a rotation of 6 pairs of. What size gloves are you buying? 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz etc? And what the heck kind of pads/bag are you punching? Hayabusa makes a nice.