How to set depth on circular saw

Circular Saw How to Adjust the Blade Depth Set the blade to the correct depth checking the circular saw blade for a correct 90 degree angle with a. Determine the blade depth by unplugging the saw and holding it alongside your board with the blade guard retracted. Then loosen the depth-adjusting lever or. Though not suitable for curved or sharply angled cuts, circular saws excel at the The ideal depth setting for a circular saw is with the blade's teeth just barely.

Oct 1, 10 Circular Saw Secrets You Should Know Before You Cut With the saw unplugged or the battery removed, adjust the saw's depth of cut so the I recently put this advice into practice when explaining how to build a classic. Circular saw blades come in several you'd set your blade to a depth of. Learn hose to use a circular saw so you can get comfortable cutting lumber and Depth lock knob – loosen this knob to lower the blade and set the blade depth.

Shop our selection of Depth Adjustment, Circular Saws in the Tools Set your store to see local Circular Saw Kit with (1) Ah Battery, Charger, Tool Bag. Jun 2, This video will show you how to set your circular saw blade to the proper depth, so that you can cut a piece of plywood back to the rafters.