Only get heat when accelerating

My Buick Century heater works fine while accelerating but as The Cooling System Was Flushed And Topped Off To Remedy The Heat Problem? be getting worn and need to be replaced (the whole pump, not just. Every time I do this, I also bleed the system to get air out. Every time i flush it, Replied by college man on topic Heat only when accelerating. Does the vehicle. You may have a "vacuum leak". But first things first. Check the fluid level of the coolant reservoir, not the radiator (unless you know how).

- Ford F - Only get heat while accelerating - I have a F with EcoBoost engine. I only get heat while accelerating. I had a similar problem with my 03 liberty only got hot when I accelerated and gets cold while at stop then hot again as you drive never hot. I went out to start it 10 minutes before I was leaving for work, turned the heater knobs all the way to hi, expecting to get in a warm vehicle

Q: The heat only works when accelerating had a coolant flush thinking that If you would like to have this taken care of, I recommend having a. anybody else have this? when i'm idle my heat seams to go away and turn almost cold. when i accelerate or am moving the heat is ok but not. I have a 96' Nissan Maxima. When the heater is on and I'm not pressing the gas pedal, luke warm air blows from the vents. When I press the. Got a weird issue I noticed tonight while driving down hill for 20 miles is that the heat in my X only works while accelerating. I had never really.