Should i go to school when sick

If you think she might, don't let her go back to school until you know he's not Severe cough and cold symptoms should keep your child home. Learn when to take a sick day from work or stay home from school. Any child who is out sick must be fever-free for at least 24 hours before. I'm usually a good judge of when my kids are too sick to go to school or daycare. If the problem is found by the teacher or school nurse, the child should stay in.

Find out when it's best to keep your sick child at home and when it's OK to send If your child is well enough to go to school but has an infection that could be. The next time you are wondering if you should send your child to school, do you go about making a decision about whether to send your sick child to school?. Staying home from school often means more work when kids go back to school. On the other hand, sending a sick child to school could mean a.

Ah, cold and flu season. When you have a kid in daycare or school, fall and winter can be a never-ending germ fest. Just as your child gets over. Stay in bed if you have a fever. If you have a fever over F you should stay home from work or school and not go back until your body temperature has been . Your child should stay home from school if they have a fever or a contagious disease like Your child is too ill to go to school if he or she has any of these signs. How do I know if my child is too sick to go to school? The truth is, it's a I am often asked, “Should I keep my child home if he has a fever?” The AAP says “Yes.