How to do horntail egg quest

Talk to Raul the Knight again to get "Dragon Squad's Mission" quest 2. Dragon Squad's Mission (Level 80 and above) Obtain 1 Nine Spirit's Egg from Horntail. However, with completing Kumo's Request you get access to the quest Nine's Dragon Egg. Once you have the egg dropped from Horntail you. So your goal is to Get the Horntail EGG to the same NEST AGAIN, and you. DO NOT NEED TO DO HERO's MARK QUEST AGAIN. NEITHER.

The egg of Nine Spirit that Horned Tail stole. Need to return the egg to its original nest. Available from: . Used for: The Missing Hero (Level 80 and above) quest. Quests Forum Talk about Quests & Party Quests. galchu. My guild is the quest is repeatable How many times can you egg it?[/quote] Twice. Wait. Im saying like if i already egged another HTP and sold it. Can i do the quest again to get ANOTHER STONE/EGG for a NON EGGED HTP.