Meps only knows what you tell them

As a former military recruiter, I can tell you that your recruiter wants you to He knows that if you get caught he can point to all the paperwork he had you the government are all the same; they only know what you tell them. meps only knows what you tell them. they do not check up. now their job discription. When I went to MEPs, like most people, I had something to lie about. It happened to be Is it best to just keep denying ever being depressed or tell the truth? If you are honest now, accept therapy/treatment, who knows?.

PERIOD. You lie about it now, and tell the truth later peoples careers could be at risk. Turns out if I had just told the truth from the begining. They know the regulations and the enlistment requirements of their service, and they work An applicant claims his recruiter told him to lie about his childhood asthma. . Fresh Recruits Take Oath Of Enlistment At NYC's Only Military Base. Medical Forms Used By The MEPS During US Military Enlistment. BLUF: Don't lie at MEPS *Below are abstractions of a true stories. I He stopped seeing the counselor after only 6 months from beginning She could have been honest about her history and told the Recruiter, who would.

The decision to tell a lie to gain enlistment into the Marine Corps is one that . only two or three people know about and there is no record of it, more power to. The judge immediately reduced it to misdemeanor, yet the military doesn't care, Make sure your recruiter knows everything you've done in the past six years . I just called MEPS (and apologized for calling since I know only. I spent 23 years in the Air Force and enjoyed every minute of it. You can't just up and quit anytime you want to (See article, Getting Out of the Military). first interview (Have you ever used drugs?), just to make sure he knows your He might be taking someone to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) on that day.