S2000 acceleration hesitation when cold

S Under The Hood - Hesitation/Stuttering During Acceleration Worse When Cold - Alright - so after my previous attempt to sort this out I've. Engine Tech / Drivetrain - Cold Start Low RPM then normal - I own an 04 AP2 and now that the weather is getting cold in Northeastern USA I've. Acura Integra - Hesitation on cold acceleration - OK first off this is not my car.. I'm asking for a friend that wants me to help her check out her car.

Honda Accord ( - ) - Update on hesitation under acceleration - I had etc.. now that its cold up here in canada i noticed that when the car is cold the. A few weeks ago my car started hitching while accelerating and I googled the So if you start to feel a pause / hesitation under hard acceleration do It's not as violent as when a cold engine rev-limits you (if you try to VTEC. Diesel Hesitation - posted in Diesel Faults: Hi All, I'm currently troubleshooting an Name:Jason; Car:S; LocationJamaica . if they are all working correctly next - is it any worse on a cold engine or the same all the time?.

Hi my mazda rx8 starts really well when engine is cold but has problem starting when the engine is hot. It will start after several goes. Some examples of popping that may indicate a problem that you can deal with are popping, coughing, and hesitation on acceleration. If your.