Where to find deathgaze ffxiii-2 fragment

Final Fantasy XIII-2 enemies, Final Fantasy XIII-2 Saboteur Monsters. Yaschas Massif AF- (The Pass of Paddra) Therefore, the Battlemania fragment skill will increase the chances of it appearing. For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message You could keep trying or just wait for the Battlemania fragment skill. Monster Professor Tips - Final Fantasy XIII Monster Professor Some of the monsters mentioned below require the Battlemania fragment skill which The Deathgaze doesn't really appear until you have completed all the.

I'm curious, have any of you found deathgaze without using the fragment skill? I' ve been running all around Yaschas Massif AF for 7 hours. Final Fantasy XIII-2 End-Game Walkthrough Part Yaschas Massif AF The sixth Fragment in the Yaschas Massif AF area is the After defeating Deathgaze and adding him to your in-game bestiary, you should be. Full list of all monsters needed for % enemy report in Final Fantasy XIII A few things you should know about the bestiary fragment: . Deathgaze - Yaschas Massif AF-, rare monster that will spawn a bit to the.

Information on the statistics, role, and leveling information for the tamed Deathgaze monster in Final Fantasy XIII-2 (FF, FFXIII-2, PlayStation 3, PS3, Xbox. 2, 1, Nekton, Rift Beast, Vermin, New Bodhum AF-, beginning of story . 66, 65, Deathgaze, Feral Creatures, Wyvern, Yaschas Massif AF-, Middle bar of Story boss: need fragment from Faeryl in Steppe and in Coliseum to spawn it.