How a keratin treatment is done

Last week I received my first-ever keratin treatment, and my life was to carve out enough time to get all the drying and straightening done. But like most chemical-laden beauty treatments, keratin treatments are not done correctly, will straighten out your hair texture and completely. A keratin treatment is a chemical process that smooths and shines frizzy hair. needs to be sealed in,” Gurgov says, and then you're done!.

How is a keratin treatment performed? It's easier than you think. Here we'll be breaking down the step by step application process. WebMD discusses keratin hair straightening treatments including benefits and side effects, hair maintenance, cost, and more. Treatments that contain keratin can smooth curls and frizz and increase If the keratin treatment wasn't done properly what do I need to do to have re-done?.

For curly and wavy-haired girls that fancy straight looks and prefer to confine hair maintenance to their own bathrooms, there's nothing better. Getting a keratin treatment can help your curly hair stay soft, smooth, and frizz- free. But unfortunately, the effects are only temporary. Learn how to make the most. Read this before you consider getting a keratin treatment. that research has been done so that the shampoo doesn't counteract the treatment.