How to counter thanatos card ragnarok

its not a card,,its in your stats,don't much have vit and use tao gunka card there is a specific item to counter thanatos card effects, but i don't. Is there such thing as an anti-thanatos card script? I tried creating a custom card reducing def and def2 but there's difference on damage between a weapon with thanatos card and a weapon wthout a thanatos card. Thanatos Card lang din mismo. How exactly does Thana card work? I know that the higher defense your target has the more damage you deal, but how does this bonus damage get calculated ?.

But from what i think thana will have better damage vs mvps because most mvps have high def, but again i never tested this. Thana+alice card. Also, by the irony of the card, Thanatos removes 30 DEF from the owner. . Double grimtooth is the only way to counter Thana w/ high vit. Memory of Thanatos Card - Deals more damage depending on the target's 1 SP from its owner on each - 30, Flee Rate -

thanatos + archer skel thana + any 20% race card thana + the paper card thana + abysmal knight card kvm weapon vellum weapon everything. Page 1 of 4 - Thanatos Card Discussion - posted in General: Hum i What I mean by "build regulator," its an item to counter certain builds that. My rule of thumb for using thanatos cards, hit anything with def ratings of 35 and below. Anything higher and use the IP or the CK in this. 2 days ago Skills; Weapons; Armor; Card; Skills. 4 DEF Reversal png, Memory of Thanatos Card . Counter ยท Counter.