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Jin Au-Yeung known as MC Jin, is a Hong Kong American rapper, songwriter and actor of Hakka descent who is the first Asian American solo rapper to be. MC Jin who has been rapping his way to fame will be staging his first If you're a fan of Hong Kong TVB drama series, you would probably. Jin Au-Yeung (歐陽靖) is a Hong Kong rapper, songwriter, and actor. Growing up in the Miami, Florida area, and later living in New York City, he decided to.

MC Jin is back on track with his music - and with a strong devotion to God, The rapper, born in Miami to parents from Hong Kong, is famed for. Kat Chow at NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C., July 25, ( In , then year-old Jin, a Chinese-American rapper, released a. MC Jin proved to be a formidable opponent after being the rap Despite MC Jin's budding career in Hong Kong, he left to be with his family.

(Re)Writing Contemporary Cantonese Heritage Language and. Identity: New York. When he was nineteen years old, MC Jin's rap career began taking off after .. sporic subjects like Jin, then, through the lens of what Chow calls “tactics of.