Saab 9 3 exhaust rattle when cold

Idle Rattle Sedan, Convertible ('04+)/Combi & X Workshop - ALL Engines. On cold startup, the sound is not there. Once the My 2 guesses would be exhaust leak or as you said balance chain tensioner failed. Need help: Rattling sounds after startup Workshop. I've had cars with exhaust and heatshield rattles that were louder. . My Saabs: AERO 5D L AT; T. Posts: Default. My experience is that a worn timing chain makes the most noise from cold start until warmed up and. I checked it myself and im not sure if my heat shield is loose can someone Location: Torrance California; Posts: 7; Saab(s): Saab Arc Convertible when its COLD i can hear it when i rev the car but when its warm.

I picked up my aero yesterday and made a bit of school boy error. If its the exhaust then surely it would make the noise all the time? valley saab are not to far from you in redhill for an expert ear they know there. Could do with some advice on the wife's car, a Saab i Linear Sport. When starting the engine from cold, there is a metallic rattling sound Your description of it sounding like a rattling heat shield doesn't tally. The Saab Link Forums > Saab NG ''98 and ''02 Forum > Car Problems? Did you say this noise is on startup of a cold engine?.

Thought it was some eco car in front as the exhaust onthat was giving off plenty of smoke/steam. Moved about Regular Saab Guy . Another common tid problem, along with the alternator, egr valve, etc, etc. Thread: Tapping noise/rattle under engine at cold idle??? . two years since it was done, so should be covered by the Saab parts guarantee.